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Buffalo hunting in Zambia (countinusly in 2020)

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ZAMBIA Luangwa Valley one of the best Cape Buffalo hunting destinations on the continent!!!

The area consistently producing 100 percent succes,and trophies into the mid forty inch class.

Hunting here allows the hunter to be selective and not simply shoot the first Buffalo found.

Informations for the Zambiai hunting!

You are allowed to take 7-trophis in total,so that means an additional 6-after your buffalo!!

  Deposite,10000 usd/Hunter, rest last day of safari in cash.

Protocols;The gun entry permit and for the hunting licenc we need the following information


-Passport copy


-Weapon type,product,serial number

-Weapon licenc copy

1. Nyampala:

. Hunting season may 01. és dec 31.

  Accomodation near the Luangwa river, in the safari camp. /See Zambia foto album?

  Price10-day ( 3 travelling and 7-hunting day) 1 Buffalo:

- 2/1-HUNTING/2-Hunter 1- PH 20.500 usd
- 1/1-HUNTING/1-HUNTER 1-PH 22.500 usd

  Non Hunter/Observer/350 usd/day.

Price include;charter plane,Lusaka-Mfuwe-Lusaka,Visa,one Buffalo,Rifle export permit,Hunting Licence,Gouverment TAX,Trophy Dip&Pack,Hotel accomodation in Lusaka,after Safari/1-night/,non alcoholic drinks.

Price not include;ammunition tax,transport trophis home,,tips for the camp vorkers,and Zambia PH.Alcohol drinks

További vadászati lehetőségek a területen:

Baboon 200 usd
Burchells Zebra 1.800 usd
puku 1500 usd
Crokodil 4000 usd
duiker (common) 700 usd
kudu 2800 usd
buffalo 4800 usd
hartebest (lichtenstein) 1500 usd 
Hippopotamus 4000 usd
Spotted Hyaena 1500 usd
impala 600 usd
warthog 800 usd
wildebeest cookson 3000 usd

2. Mukungule :

Price, 10 day ( 3-traveling and 7 hunting day) 1  BUFFALO [1/1/             19.500 usd

The price include;tranfer from Lusaka to hunting area,and back,visa,Gun import licence,one Buffalo trophy fees,accomodation,soft drinks,Government Tax.Hunting Licence,1/1 service of professional hunter,traned skinners,trackers,and camp staff.Hotel accomodation,after safari in Lusaka

Price not include;

-ammunition tax

-transport trophis home

-Tips for the camp vorkers,and Zambia PH.

-Alcohol drinks

Hippopotamus 4000 usd
Bushbuck 1300 usd
Puku 1500 usd
Warthog 800 usd
Burchells Zebra 1.800 usd
kudu 2800 usd

You are allowed to take 7-trophies in total,so that means an additional 6-after your Buffalo!

                            :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,                                                                 00-27-83-5475-071

Lion Hunt in South Africa

We offer Lion hunts in South Africa North West Prowinc

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Accomodation in the Hunting area/Lodge/.The hunting area 6000-hectares.

The Lion hunt on foot.

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Only adult male or female lion hunted.

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5 day, 3 hunting day, 1 Female lion  7000 euro

5 day, 3 huntig day, 1 Male Lion  15000-30000 euro

All price include;1/1-hunting,the lion trophy fees,transfers,accomodation,meals,hunting licence,CITES Permits.

Deposit 50%

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