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The hunters in this case, according to individual needs can choose from the available wild game of species. It is advisable that you want to hunt the wild species composition disclosed in advance, as the program and the areas to be compiled on this basis. Of course, if someone in the hunt to one or the other game you want to shoot from above, taking into account the possibilities of this method is usually.


Daily Rate for Hunter:2/1. 200 EURO/day/hunter

Daily Rate for Hunter;1/1.300 EURO/day/hunter

Daily Rate for Observer: 100 EURO/day/person

Daily Rate include;Accomodation,meals,soft drinks,

                          -1/1 or 2/1 service of a professional hunter,trained skinners,trackers,and camp staff

                          -Pick up and drop off Johannesburg International Airport

                          -All transport during safari,Gun hire/excluding ammo/


-Trophy fees of animals taken or wounded/see price list/

-airway ticket to: Johannesburg-and to home

-All Taxidermy work,including Dip and Pack Shipment, alcoholic drinks


Óriás Jávorantilop     (Eland) 1.800 EUR Nagy Kudu,      (kudu) 2000 EUR
Fehér blesbok,     (white blesbok) 800 EUR Nyársas antilop  (Oryx) 700 EUR
Zebra  /Burchells Zebra/ 900 EUR Vizibak          (waterbuck) 1.800 EUR
Blesbok/barna      /braun blesbok/ 400 EUR Vándorantilop    (Springbok) 350 EUR
Impala 400 EUR Varacskos disznó   /warthog/ 400 EUR
Steenbok 300 EUR Hartebeest 700 EUR
Fekete Sprinbock    /Black Springbok/ 900 EUR Bozótibak         /Bushbuck/ 1200 EUR
Hegyi Nadibak      /Mountain Reedbuck/ 500 EUR Nyala 2.800 EUR
Fehérfarkú gnú     /Black Wildebeest 700 EUR Kék gnú        /Blue Wildebeest/ 700 EUR
Bozótidisznó  /Bushpig/ 500 EUR Grey Duiker 300 EUR
Nádibak     /Reedbuck/ 1.000 EUR Grey Rhebok 900 EUR
Sable antilop 8.000 EUR Kafferbivaly      /Buffalo/ contact us
Red lechwe 2.800 EUR Bontebok 2000 EUR
Zsiráf    /Giraffe/ 3.500 EUR Orrszarvú        /Waith Rhino/ contact us
Roan antilop 6.000 EUR Tsessebe 2.500 EUR
Yello blesbok    /Sarga Blesbok/ ------ EUR Waith springbok   /Feher Vandorantilop/ 900 EUR
Copper sprinbok 1000 EUR Scimitar oryx 2.500 EUR
Hartmanns mountain zebra 2.500 EUR springbuck kalahari 600-EUR
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