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Basic informations for Hunting

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The South African Republic can be hunted year-round. Of course, consideration should be given to the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are in reverse. February-April months of the rainy season after the vegetation lush. During this period we observe a green Africa, but this is not a disadvantage in terms of hunting. The daily temperature is moderate, in June and July it is winter. The daily temperature is around 15-20 degrees C, night and felt a cool, even at temperatures below 0 degrees C can be. During this period, there is hardly any trees and bush leaves, which results in good visibility. The weather turns warmer again in mid-August and September is already warm. Beginning of October and again dominates the heat.



Antelope hunting for most of us can use the appropriate caliber ball. Said to be ideal in 7x64, 30-06,300 Win, 8x68's arms. The weapon entered without any problems taking place. The cartridges are the weapon independent of luggage placed in an easily accessible manner, since the entry presenting arms ammunition must be shown. If you do not want to bring guns, no problem, because we provide free appropriate weapons, ammunition shall be paid only .



The gun entry permit and a hunting note the following information is required to trigger:

- name, passport ID, address
- weapon: type, product/serial number, quantity of bullets

Hungarian citizens do not need visa to South-African Republic. A residence permit given at the airport for free of charge, valid for 30 days.



The accommodation in the hunting area, provide the highest level possible. They usually lodge-s, which are made from natural materials. However, modern conveniences, toilet and dining with.

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